About Bendys Design

Bendys Design has evolved with the changes in community requirements. In the beginning our focus was on the design of websites and business cards. Computer Sales and Service followed this and in this area we also branched out into the space of associated devices and peripherals as well as consumables. We then started focusing on lighting and sound design in the way of sound and lighting for theatrical stage performances and ceremonies. With limited performances happening in the region, our equipment (and services) then moved to being used by musicians for functions they serviced. Finally, with the acquisition of a Photo Kiosk we have been able to print photos locally for clients.

Bendys Design is managed by Ben Lawson, our founder and director. Ben grew up in St George and loves to call it home. He has a community focus and likes to think that just because we are remote, this doesn’t mean that we deserve any less. This has driven his desire to ensure that any function or event we are involved with is handled professionally and to the best quality.